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I’m Veronica Benzing. I ride, hike, eat, and I am ready for more. Hmm… Anthony Bourdain’s version sounds better. :) I do love that line though. I found myself having some time to spare these days so I decided to start a blog. I decided to blog about three activities: cycling, hiking, and food. Why these three activities, you ask? I’m going to explain…

The Bike

I bought my first bicycle 10 years ago. It was a Specialized mountain bike. I have never owned a bicycle before… I am 34 years old. :) I grew up in Bucharest, Romania, and bicycles were expensive to own. I rode my cousin’s bike once or twice, but that was the extent of my bike exposure. When I met my husband, he was (and still is) an avid mountain biker, so naturally, he introduced me to mountain biking. Unfortunately, 10 years ago, it was illegal to ride your bike in any of the Monroe county parks, so it was difficult to mountain bike in this area. My husband decided to start road riding. He joined the Rochester Bicycling Club, and I never saw him in the evenings anymore.  A year after he started road riding, I decided to purchase a road bike too. I started riding with the club and I have been hooked ever since! I love how you can cover so much ground and see the world from a different perspective. I am lucky where I live. I have the rolling hills of the Mendon area, the “smaller hills” (some might argue that they are not that small) of the Perinton and Victor areas, and the super hills of the Finger Lakes area. I am always in awe. So far, this is my favorite place to ride.

The Hike

My husband and I love to hike. We are lucky to have a few parks around us where we can easily hike. Several years ago, we learned about the 46ers Club. The Adirondack Mountain Park includes 46 high peaks that are higher than 4,000 feet in elevation. Once you hike all 46 high peaks, you can become part of the club. We decided to work towards this goal. So far, we hiked 8 peaks. 38 more to go… wahooo!! :)

The Culinary World

Food has always been part of my life. I grew up in the Romanian culture, where a dish takes all day to prepare. My mom spent countless hours in the kitchen preparing many staples of the Romanian cuisine. My first attempt at cooking was ravioli with sour cream and feta cheese. My first introduction to American cooking was from my husband and his family. My husband cooked a few memorable dinners when we first met. His mom and dad loved cooking too, so they introduced me to a few new dishes. I am now an avid cook. I love trying new cuisines and dishes. My favorite part of cooking is sharing it with my family and friends. They have been my guinea-pigs many times. :) I also love trying new restaurants, especially the locally owned.

One of my favorite rituals (when I’m not out cycling) is to visit the Fairport Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. It’s such a great market! I have a few favorite vendors that I look forward to visiting (my favorite is Jess. She grows the most amazing heirloom tomatoes!) I have noticed many other farmer’s markets that have sprouted around the area, so if I am out cycling on a Saturday morning, I try to visit the other markets.

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