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On Sunday, I went to watch the Halloween Cyclocross race at Camp Arrowhead near Powder Mills Park. Cyclocross is a cross between road riding and mountain biking. It usually takes place in a field/woods and it includes obstacles (natural and man made) as well as lots of mud. Well, usually. Since the season starts in October, it is bound to be very muddy on every course.


Joel raced in this race two years ago. I remember standing next to all the riders lined-up at the start as the rain and hale started to come down. I knew it was going to be an interesting race. I watched him throughout the entire course. I love cheering for him and the rest of my friends. It’s so much fun! Joel did not have a very good time at the race. :( His bike was caked up with so much mud you could not even see the crank and rear breaks. It took him about 2 hours to clean it. He was not very happy about that.

Joel's bike after the race.

Joel's bike after the race 2 years ago.



This year was very different. It was a very beautiful sunny day. Joel did not race, but my two friends Paul and John were there. They keep telling me that they really appreciate the encouragement throughout the race, so I try to be there to support them. :)





Oh and since it is the Halloween Cyclocross, a few of the riders wore costumes. It is very amusing to see riders in Halloween costumes. I think that you will agree. :)




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