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Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love taking the trip to the Christmas tree farm to cut the tree and then decorating the tree and my house. What I love even more is our traditional Romanian Christmas Eve dinner. Well, traditional for my family. My mom grew up in the northeastern part of Romania, so the cuisine is heavily influenced by Ukraine. The dishes are truly a treat, since we only make them on Christmas Eve. As with every other Romanian dish, it usually takes all day to make. My mom spends countless hours in the kitchen, sometimes over 2 days, cooking and baking. I usually help her, which makes it even more fun.

My favorite dish is Colţunasi, which are raviolis/pierogis filled with apples and poppy seeds. YUM!! I look forward to eating them every year.

Making the Colţunasi is a team effort. My mom makes the dough and then my dad rolls it. Next, my mom cuts the rolled dough into squares and places the filling on each square. Finally, Joel, my mom, and I pinch them. Thanks to Monica and David, we can now roll the dough using an electric pasta roller, which somewhat speeds the process.

As we were getting ready to make the dough, my mom and I decided that we should use 12 cups of flour, since my brother was coming home and all of us love the dish. I don’t know what we were thinking!

After about 3 hours, we were finally done. We ended up making 268 Colţunasi! I was so glad that we had the pasta roller. Otherwise, it would have taken us twice as long to make them.

The dinner includes a few other dishes:

– Grău (wheat mixed with sugar, poppy seeds, and walnuts)
– Smoked fishes
– Bob (fava beans sautéed with oil and onions)
– Ciuperci (mixed mushrooms in a garlic and onion broth)
– Compot (mixed dried fruits, such as prunes and raisins, in a sweet broth)

I posted pictures of the dinner on my Picasa site, if you are curious to see the other dishes.

La Mulţi Ani!!

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