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Yes, I did it again. I once again signed up to do the Highlander Cycle Tour ride. As my alarm was going off at 5:00 in the morning last Saturday, I was thinking to myself “Why did I sign up to do this ride again!!”. I did have two good reasons. This year I did not have to work hard to recruit people to ride with. My friend Dan mentioned that he and a few of his friends were going to do the ride, so I was set. Also, the day before the ride, the forecast predicted sunny skies and mid 70s.

There were a couple of caveats though. The temperature was going to be in the mid 40s at the start of the ride. I was not very happy about that. And, the fact that I had to be in the Bristol Mountain parking lot at 6:30 am did not make me very happy either. I did try to talk Dan and his friends into starting the ride later, but they did not budge.

Joel bundled up and ready to go.

Joel and I arrived in the Bristol Mountain parking lot at 6:30 am sharp. We met up with Dan, who was not too happy about the 6:30 am meeting time either. He lives on the west side, so his drive was a bit long.

Dan at the start of the ride.

Once we bundled up, the rest of the gang met us, we snapped a group photo, and off we went.

My crew: Sean, Dan, Shawn, Christian, Steve, and Joel. Yep... 6 guys and me. Classic! :)

We took a right out of the parking lot; right on Route 34; left on Route 33; a couple of turns and then on to Gulick; up on French Hill (Ugh! This was one of the steepest climbs on the route.); south towards Wayland on 36 to 92 to 21, which took us to Neils Creek (I love this road!!); east on Route 7 towards Prattsburg; down on Itally Hill Rd into Branchport (One of the best downhills!! Much better than going up it.); made a loop in Keuka Lake’s bluff (Loved the view!!); north on 28 to 31 to 364 towards Middlesex; south on West Ave to 245 into Naples; up Route 12 (Yes, again!! Ugh! I say it every year… is it really necessary!); left on 64 and back into the Bristol Mountain parking lot. In the end, my bike computer showed 102 miles.

Joel and I at the rest stop in Prattsburg.

I really loved the route this year! It was super scenic and beautiful. Also, 90% of the roads did not have very much traffic on them, so it was a very civilized ride. No car fumes and angry drivers this time!! A few of my favorite roads were Route 34, West Hollow Rd/Route 33, Gulick Rd, Neils Creek Rd/Route 6, Prattsburg-Itally Hill Rd, and the roads in Keuka Lake’s bluff.

Dan at the rest stop in Prattsburg.

As we were riding on Route 34, which was one of the first roads that we rode on, we noticed a house that had steam rising off of its roof. Also, the sun was out, which made the steam look even more dramatic. It was so pretty! West Hollow Rd has always been a favorite. It is located in the valley of Gannett Hill, so it is very scenic. Neils Creek Rd/Route 6 was part of last year’s route, so I was very happy that it was once again on the route. It is such a beautiful road. It reminds me of the Adirondacks. And lastly, Keuka Lake is by far one of the most beautiful places in the Finger Lakes. I always look forward to riding around there.

Overall, the ride was good. I really enjoyed the company. The boys were really nice to me, and allowed me to draft behind them. :) The worst part about the ride was the fact that a few of the rest stops had only one Porta-Potty. The bathroom lines were long, which caused our rest stops to be long. That is not a good thing when riding. It makes it difficult to get back on the bike.

View of Canandaigua Lake from the top of Route 12.

The rest areas were really great though! They are one of the reasons why I do this ride every year. Since it is such a long ride, I don’t have to worry about food and drinks. “So what do you usually eat during such a long ride?” you ask. I ate 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a bunch of pretzel sticks, a piece of watermelon, a piece of orange, 1 fig newton, and 1 ½ bananas. I also drank a bunch of water and about 5 bottles of Gatorade. I decided to wear my heart rate monitor just for kicks. Apparently I burned 3551 calories. Yikes!! The dinner after the ride sure tasted good! :)

Much deserved apres ride beverage! :)

My recovery was as usual. I was pretty tired the day after the ride. I did feel better as the week progressed. My legs were surprisingly fine. Not much soreness at all. I was very pleased about that. :)

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