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The second International Food Dinner get together took place this past Saturday. We had so much fun last time that a second event was inevitable. I offered my house as the meeting place. Also, my contribution to the dinner was a Romanian bean dip called Fasole Bătute and a Japanese cake called Castella. “But you are not Japanese!”, you say. That is correct.

Beth and I

The boys: Joel, Seymen, and Thuan

About a month ago, my friends Bruce and Yokko traveled to Japan to visit Yokko’s family. Once they returned, they invited Joel and me over for dinner. During the dinner, they served us this Castella cake, which was very delicious. While we were savoring it, she told me that her mom used to make it throughout her childhood. I was so excited!! I begged her to make it for the International Food Dinner, and she agreed. A few days later, she told me that they could not make it to the dinner, but she sent me her mom’s recipe.

Bill and Andrea

Mark and Sarah

The recipe was simple, except for one thing. It included the creation of a newspaper pan. “A newspaper pan??” How can you possibly bake in a newspaper pan? Isn’t it going to burn?”, I thought. Yokko reassured me that it would be safe. Apparently her mom baked the cake in a newspaper pan every time she made it. I told her that if my house burned down, I was going to move into their house. :)

My newspaper pan

Well, my house did not burn down and the cake baked fine in the newspaper pan. The cake tasted very similar to the one that Bruce and Yokko served us. I did make one mistake though. The recipe required bread flour but I did not have any so I used regular flour instead, which yielded a very dense cake. The original cake was a lot fluffier. Nevertheless, it was still delicious.

Aside from the Castella Cake and Fasole Bătute, the dinner also included the following dishes:

Beef Salad (Thailand)

Dolmas with yogurt (Turkey)

Fried Rice with Shrimp (Vietnam)

Portuguese Chicken (Portugal)

Kasha and Bowties (Lithuania)

Great food, great company… what more can you ask for?? I look forward to the next dinner!

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