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My oven went on strike the day before Thanksgiving. It was in the middle of baking my favorite chocolate pecan pie, when suddenly the temperature rose from 350 degrees to broil temperature. A perfectly good-looking pie burnt to a crisp. “How can it do that to me?”, I thought. After all, I always give it really good things to bake… pizzas, cookies, quesadillas, just to name a few things. Perhaps it was tired. It did bake a pumpkin pie prior to baking the chocolate pecan pie.

I was faced with a dilemma. I still had to roast sweet potatoes, bake the sweet potato casserole, and most importantly, I had to roast the turkey. After a few hours of negotiating, it was decided that I would give it a rest in between baking/roasting.

The oven behaved nicely the rest of the day. My dishes came out perfect. I even baked another chocolate pecan pie. Apparently, just like with anything in life, you have to show your oven some love from time to time. What have you done for your oven lately? :)

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