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My friend Kristin told me about a new food blog called When Harry Met Salad. I was so excited once I checked it out. I love the way the woman writes and her dishes sound and look great. I have actually made a few dishes from it and they have been super!

One of her latest posts was about ginger syrup. Also, one of the things that she mentions that can be made with the ginger syrup is ginger ale. I was intrigued! I love ginger ale, but I do not drink it very often since it is loaded with sugar and whatever else they put it in. Also, I have never had homemade ginger ale nor have I ever thought about making homemade ginger ale. If I only knew?!?!

The syrup is simple to make. You peel a pound of ginger, chop it, and then boil it with 5 cups of water for 45 minutes. Once boiled, you strain the liquid and add sugar and a bit of salt. And voilà … you have ginger syrup!

To make the ginger ale, you simply combine the ginger syrup with some seltzer or sparkling water, and then add a few squirts of fresh lime juice. It was absolutely delicious!! I will never purchase store bought ginger ale again. Nobody should!!

I have made the ginger ale for a couple of my friends and they loved it just as much. Another thing that you can do with the ginger syrup is add it to your tea. YUM!

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