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We have had a very wet spring this year. Then about two weeks ago, the clouds dispersed and the red ball of fire, also known as the sun, emerged. Finally… a chance to ride the new bike!

The Rochester Bicycling Club calendar includes a ride every Friday evening called Fast Friends Friday. It is one of my favorite weeknight ride offered by the RBC. The ride starts at Dryer Road Park on Dryer Rd and it wonders around the Victor/Bloomfield/Bristol area. I have done this ride hundreds of times and I am still in awe about how beautiful the area is. The ride is fairly hilly, which is challenging, but at the same time it allows you to catch glimpses of the Bristol Hills area. One look at the beautiful scenery and you forget how painful the climbs up the numerous hills were. The ride also includes my absolute favorite descent, which is on Baptist Hill Road. I actually reached 38.5 mph during my last ride. It was so awesome!! Much better than going up it. HA! Another favorite road is Strong Road. Somehow I always find my way to it even when not riding the Fast Friends Friday ride. The road is fairly flat and on the days when there is a tail wind, you can just fly. It is so much fun!!

Unfortunately, the clouds have come back and it is raining again. Hopefully, that red ball of fire will re-emerge soon, because I am really liking my new bike and I would love to ride it again.

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