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Yep… I did it. I participated in my first running race event, the Webster Turkey Trot. It was actually my first race… period. I have never raced before. I have zero competitive genes in my body, so racing is not very appealing to me. My friends often ask me why I don’t race my bike. My answer is: “I will always be the person who comes in last because I would be distracted by the views.” HA! This whole running thing is my sister’s fault. She made me sign up for the race. She is trying to convert me. Hmm…

Monica and Joel waiting in line for the shuttle.

The race started at 10:00 am on Thanksgiving morning in Webster Park. 4852 people subjected themselves to the race. It was crazy! I was very surprised about the turnout since it was Thanksgiving morning. We decided to take the shuttle from Webster Thomas High School to the park. We were happy that we did that, since the parking lots and the streets around the park were filled.

We arrived at the race start with about 15 minutes to spare. I was pumped. The crowd definitely helped. As soon as the gun went off, all the runners took off. “I have never been on this side of a race”, I told my sister. I am usually the one cheering for Joel or my friends. This time people were cheering for me. It was definitely a very humbling and inspiring experience. Also, the fact that my sister was running with me inspired me even more.

43 minutes later, we arrived at the finish line. The crowds were cheering once again. It felt so nice! It was definitely a big accomplishment for me.

During the run my sister mentioned that she might consider riding a century with me. I told her that it would a lot of fun. “But you will have to run a marathon with me”, she quickly added. Hmm… I don’t know about that. I think that 4.4 miles is the perfect distance… no?

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