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As Wednesday was approaching, I asked Joel if he would like to go for a bike ride. Wednesdays are usually our riding evening. He agreed to go, so I was excited.

The ride was pretty good. The route was 24 miles, which ended up a bit too much for me. I got really tired around mile 20 and I was ready to be done. Also, I really miss my regular cycling shorts and I can definitely feel the pressure of the new weight. I was getting pretty uncomfortable on the saddle during the ride, even though I stood up a bunch of times.

Also, since the bike fit is pretty aggressive, I was bent forwards a fair amount. The girl was pushing on the right side of my belly in the beginning of the ride, so I had to stretch a few times. I also kept massaging the side and telling her to move over a bit and she eventually did. She is so nice to me!! :)

Nevertheless, it was still a good ride and the weather was perfect, so I was glad to be out. In the earlier stages of my pregnancy, I kept thinking and hoping that I would be able to ride as much as possible during the pregnancy. So here I am at 7 months and I am still doing it… I am excited about that, since I really love cycling and miss it. I hope that I will still be able to ride as the weeks go by. I will just have to limit the miles to about 20.

The stats: 24 miles, 14.1 average. Not bad for being 7 months pregnant.


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A while ago, Joel and I went out for pizza and he ordered a sausage pizza. I remember having pizza envy. I always order some kind of pizza with goat cheese on it, which is usually not very satisfying since the pizza shops tend to just sprinkle a tiny amount of goat cheese on it. Apparently goat cheese is expensive… according to a pizza shop that started charging me for the goat cheese even though I ask them to remove the mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. That is not even a substitution in my opinion. I mean… I am saving them some mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. And they did not charge me for the goat cheese for over a year, but all of a sudden they are. Sorry… a bit of a sore subject. :)

Due to my dinner envy, I decided to make my own version of the pizza for dinner one evening. I used the Boboli thin crust, which I topped with some of my favorite tomato sauce by Pellicano’s, grated goat cheese, cooked poultry sausage, sliced mushrooms and green olives, torn fresh spinach, and then sprinkled everything with some crushed red pepper. I made the exact same pizza for Joel, except that I used mozzarella cheese on it. I must admit that his version was much more satisfying again! So I decided that the pizza was worth some Lactaid pills. :) (My philosophy is that the dish has to be really, really worth it for me to take the pills.)

I made the pizza again for dinner tonight. I really like the flavor of the sausage with the tomato sauce and mushrooms. I tend to make a lot of pizzas with pesto on them, since I am not a huge fan of tomato sauce. But the tomato sauce was nice for a change, especially since I used my favorite sauce, which is made by Pellicano’s. I find the sauce to be less acidic than other tomato sauces. I highly recommend it, if you are looking for a new sauce.

Pizzas are a dinner favorite in our house, since they are super easy and quick. Now if only I can have a glass of beer to go with it. Soon! :)

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