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It has been almost 4 weeks since Julia arrived. I love having her around. She is a good baby and is super cute. :) The postpartum period has been a bit frustrating though, since I was told to take it easy (I know… I’m crazy!).

I hated being in bed after I delivered Julia (I had to settle for a c-section, since she was breech and was unable to turn her). I could not wait to walk around, which was encouraged. As soon as the leg compressions were removed, I was up and walking. In fact, during the second day of my hospital stay, the nurse commented that she has seen me more out of bed than in bed. She added that my goal for the day was to rest. But I hated just sitting in bed. I did rest for a bit that day but walked at least twice a day for the remainder of my hospital stay.

As soon as I came home, I became a little more active. Going up and down the stairs was a little challenging at first, but it got better fast. Also, I started to walk outside with Julia. I love taking walks with her. Joel never liked to walk with me, so now I have a companion. :) I went from walking for 10 minutes to power walking for an hour. It feels so great to be out!

During my 4 week checkup on Wednesday, my doctor gave the ok to start exercising. In fact she told me that I am completely healed and that I can do anything. “Anything”, I said. “Yes, anything.”, she said. “Biking, running, yoga, pilates… no restrictions whatsoever.”, she added. I could not believe it!!

So yesterday I went on the most amazing hike. I was not sure how I would feel, but I felt so good during and after the hike. The trail was fairly hilly, but that did not matter. I even ran for a bit and felt fine. I am so excited!!

Dear bike and running shoes… oh how I have missed you!!

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