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Julia went on her first hike on Sunday. Joel was going mountain biking at Dryer Road Park, so I decided to take Julia on a hike. Kristin joined us. The hike was great! Julia loved it! She loved watching the trees and the sun rays that were peeking through the trees. She also loved listening to the birds.

It was a bit chilly, so I was afraid that she would be cold. Her little nose did get a little cold, but she was overall warm. I knew that this was the case since she was not complaining and she eventually fell asleep. I foresee many hikes in the coming months!

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Julia and I cooked together on Friday night. Jill and Todd (my sister- and brother-in law) were arriving around dinner time. Joel went to pick them up from the airport, so Julia and I were home alone. And we needed something for dinner.

We decided to make the Peanut Sesame Noodles recipe. The dish is pretty simple. You make the peanut sauce, which you pour over some noodles and veggies. For the sauce, you simply add all the ingredients and whisk them in the bowl. I don’t bother to use a food processor or blender to make it as the recipe indicates. The sauce is smooth enough by just whisking it. I did use peppers and cucumbers for the veggies, but I would think that you can add whatever veggies you like and it would be just as tasty. I also usually serve it with sauteed shrimp instead of tofu, which the recipe requires. Again, I would think that you can serve it with meat, fish, seafood, or whatever else you like.

When I first started cooking, I placed Julia in her Moses basket but that did not last long. So I decided to place her in the Baby Bjorn. That worked great! I walked her through the recipe, telling her each step. As I was whisking the sauce and chopping the veggies, the whisking and chopping motion swayed her back and forth calming her even more. I guess I never paid much attention to how much movement whisking and chopping causes. The most challenging part was draining the noodles. I did not want to risk hot water splashing on her legs. I used a large wire spatula to remove the noodles from the water and it worked fine.

The dinner was a success! I look forward to cooking many more dinners with her!

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I have been running a lot. Ever since my doctor has given me the ok to exercise, I have been very excited to get back in shape. So I have been running a lot. My first true run was awesome! I felt so good! It was the perfect day… not too hot and being in the woods on the trail is always a favorite. I also felt so liberated! It was nice to do something on my own. When I finished my run, I could not stop smiling. It was the best run I have ever had.

Après first run…

After my initial run, I ran 4 days in a row. My sister was in town so she watched Julia for me. Then last week, my mom watched Julia so I was able to run twice. I felt good every time, which kind of surprised me, really. I was not even sore. I guess staying fit during the pregnancy helped.

Then yesterday, Joel and I went for a bike ride. That’s right… a bike ride! A date bike ride, that is. :) It was so awesome!! I forgot how much I love riding! We decided to ride from home to save time, so we rode towards Mendon Ponds Park. Riding from home means descending down Garnsey Rd. And descending I did… my speed topped at 42.8 miles per hour! So fun!!

I felt pretty good on the bike. Of course the rolling hills were not too friendly to me, but I managed. My favorite part of the ride was drafting Joel on Cole Rd. We were just flying!! :) Of course riding from home means ascending up Garnsey Rd. That was a different story. I felt ok, but had to take the cut on Hardwood Hill, which is not as steep. It was still difficult nonetheless. I guess I did not totally lost it.

The stats: 13.1 miles, 13.9 average, 42.8 max speed. Not bad for the first ride 6 weeks postpartum. :) I look forward to the next ride.

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