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I have been having a lot of fun making food for Julia. And Julia has been having a lot of fun trying new foods. So far, she has loved almost everything that I have made for her… almost everything.

DSC02000 (960x1280)

Soon to be dinner…

Veggies have been a success. Avocados, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach… she loved all of them.

Thumbs up for avocado!

Fruits on the other hand have been a different story. The first fruit that I tried were bananas. I simply mashed it and gave it to her to eat. She actually refused to eat it after the initial bite. I was surprised… I thought for sure that she would love it. A few moms have suggested that I add some breastmilk to thin it a bit. I am going to try and see how she feels about that.

DSC02040 (1280x960)

Steaming peas…

The next fruit that I tried were pears. Per the baby cookbook (201 Organic Baby Purées), I chopped them, boiled them until soft, and then puréed them. The first night she tried it, she only ate a small portion. She liked them a bit more the next day, I think partially since I added some rice cereal to it. Same for the third night… I added some sweet potatoes to it. I guess I would call it a partial success.

DSC02055 (1280x960)

Loved the peas too!

It is kind of funny to me that she has not been liking fruits very much. Everyone has been telling me that fruits are easy and that veggies should be introduced first because of that. I guess she is a veggie kind of girl. Hmm… I wonder where she gets that from. :)

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