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Since my pregnancy is coming close to the end, I started reminiscing about it. I have been so lucky to have such an easy pregnancy, which allowed me to stay fit all along. As I look back, I did do a lot of things as far as fitness goes.

I ran my first race when I was a little over a month pregnant in the Webster Turkey Trot. That was definitely an experience in itself. I did enjoy it more since I ran it with my sister. I told my sister that I was pregnant that same weekend and I remember her saying that she felt bad that she pushed me to keep going. HA!

At the end of the race…

I kept running for quite a while after that, since it was a fairly mild winter. Unfortunately at about 21 weeks, I had to stop running since my legs and feet hurt. I guess my legs and feet could not handle the extra weight that I was carrying. I tried trail running, but that did not feel any better. It was fine though, since there were other activities that I could still do.

During the winter months, Joel started to rock climb indoors. I decided to join him one day. We went to the Red Barn at RIT. Most of the climbing there is bouldering and not wall climbing. That part was a little better since I could not really wear a harness. It was definitely fun, but my belly kind of got in the way. :) Bouldering requires you to be close to the wall to keep your balance. Since my belly was sticking out, I could not really do that. HA! I did have fun, nonetheless, but I realized that it was not a good idea to keep it up.

Climbing at the Red Barn (16 weeks pregnant).

Cross country skiing was another activity that I did during the winter months. Although we did not have much snow this winter, I did manage to get out at least 4 or 5 times. The place to be this winter was at Bristol Mountain, since they made the snow for the cross country ski trails too. Even though the trail was not too long, it was still fun. I was lucky enough to have a few friends come with me, which made the outing more fun.

Cross country skiing at Bristol Mountain (17 weeks pregnant).

Once the warmer weather arrived, I started to bike again. There were actually a few times that I was able to ride in March due to the warm weather. I was able to ride a fair amount throughout my pregnancy. However, the closer I got to the last few weeks of my pregnancy, the more uncomfortable it got. I also felt tired more easily.

Riding belly shot! :) (22 weeks pregnant)

The last ride that I did was at 34 weeks. That was pretty good in my opinion. :) I felt lucky to be able to ride at all, especially as I was getting closer and closer to the end of my pregnancy. I was also lucky to have Joel and my friend Jane ride with me, since I did not think that riding by myself was a good idea. The miles went from 24 miles to 9.5 miles. It was interesting to experience the effects of pregnancy on my riding. The fact that your hips change greatly affects the sitting bones. The outcome is an uncomfortable saddle. Also, as my belly grew, I could feel it more and more while pedaling. That part was not uncomfortable, but I felt bad for hitting the girl with every pedal stroke. She probably did not appreciate that too much. :) It was also interesting how easily tired I got. This was even more noticeable during the rides that I did closer to the 34th week. I could only tolerate about 45 minutes of riding by that point. I must admit that I was a bit sad to give it up, since I really love cycling. But I am sure that I will be able to ride soon after the girl arrives.

After the ride (31 weeks pregnant).

I started taking a yoga class before I found out that I was pregnant. I think that the class has been helping a ton. I am always relaxed due to it, since the class is a restorative class. The poses have changed a bunch throughout my pregnancy. I no longer can lay on my back, among other things, and most of the poses are very supportive. Nevertheless, I still feel great after every class, so it is definitely beneficial. We have also been practicing breathing a bunch, which is good no matter what. I also think that the class has helped keep my balance intact. Everyone mentioned to me how pregnancy causes your balance to be off. That was not the case for me at all. I wonder if cycling helped with it as well.

32 weeks and 1 day pregnant…

Aside from all the activities that I mentioned above, walking and hiking was something that I always did, since they were tame on my legs and feet. I was lucky to have my friend Kristin join me a fair amount of times. I remember a couple of times we decided to go for a run, but then it turned into a hike or a walk. She has been super supportive of my changing body and abilities. We were always just happy to enjoy the outdoors and chat (of course!). :) Mendon Ponds Park, the Crescent Trail, and Dryer Road Park have been my favorite spots to hike. The canal has been a good spot for walking.

Hiking at Dryer Road Park.

As I mentioned already, I have been super lucky to  have such an easy pregnancy, which in turn allowed me to be stay active. I feel like being active was great for me as well as for the girl. I hope that it will continue after the girl arrives too. I am also looking forward to introducing the girl to all of these awesome activities. :)

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As Wednesday was approaching, I asked Joel if he would like to go for a bike ride. Wednesdays are usually our riding evening. He agreed to go, so I was excited.

The ride was pretty good. The route was 24 miles, which ended up a bit too much for me. I got really tired around mile 20 and I was ready to be done. Also, I really miss my regular cycling shorts and I can definitely feel the pressure of the new weight. I was getting pretty uncomfortable on the saddle during the ride, even though I stood up a bunch of times.

Also, since the bike fit is pretty aggressive, I was bent forwards a fair amount. The girl was pushing on the right side of my belly in the beginning of the ride, so I had to stretch a few times. I also kept massaging the side and telling her to move over a bit and she eventually did. She is so nice to me!! :)

Nevertheless, it was still a good ride and the weather was perfect, so I was glad to be out. In the earlier stages of my pregnancy, I kept thinking and hoping that I would be able to ride as much as possible during the pregnancy. So here I am at 7 months and I am still doing it… I am excited about that, since I really love cycling and miss it. I hope that I will still be able to ride as the weeks go by. I will just have to limit the miles to about 20.

The stats: 24 miles, 14.1 average. Not bad for being 7 months pregnant.


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The weather has been super nice for the past few days and emails were flying around from my cycling friends about riding this weekend. I must admit that I was jealous. I have been itching to get on my bike for the past few days. But my bike was not tuned up and I was not sure if any of my cycling clothing still fit me. Nevertheless, I asked Joel if he wanted to go for a ride with me and he said yes. I was super excited!

Since I was not sure if any of my cycling clothing fit, I looked through my clothes and I picked a few shorts and jerseys. I am sad to say that my shorts no longer fit me. They are tight around the waist, which is no good for the baby. Luckily for me, Joel had a couple of cycling bibs, which he suggested that I try on. I was so excited that they actually fit me! Even better was the bib part, since it extended up my belly and provided belly support.

Next up were the jerseys. I was pretty surprised that three jerseys actually fit me really well. Joel also suggested that I try on a few of his jerseys, which also fit really well. I am now set for riding as much as I can! Wahoo!!

Riding belly shot! :)

We decided to ride around Mendon Ponds Park area, since it is not as hilly as our neighborhood. I must admit that I was a bit nervous about riding. I was not sure if it would feel ok. It was perfect!! I felt really great! It felt as though I did not stop riding for the winter. I am so excited that I felt so great! I love riding so much, I was a little sad about the possibility of not being able to ride this summer.

We rode for a little over an hour, which was plenty. I did get a little tired towards the end. The rolling hills were not too friendly as usual. But I guess that’s how it is for the first ride of the season. Also, as I was pedaling, I could feel my legs touching my belly a little. It was not a big deal, but I can foresee a bike change (my old bike) as my belly gets bigger. One caveat about being pregnant is that the bladder is not in a very good spot. I had to pee for the last 15 minutes of the ride. Next time I will have to find a public restroom or a port-a-potty during the ride. HA!

Our stats were: 1 hour and 15 minutes, 17 miles, and 13.4 average.

I wish that our average was better, but I am still happy. Not bad for a first ride of the season and for being almost 22 weeks pregnant! :)

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I have embarked on a new adventure: pregnancy. (!!!) After being on the fence for about 7 or 8 years, Joel and I finally decided to have a baby.

My nephew played a huge part in our decision. We had a few opportunities to spend time with him over the past year: 10 days in St John in February, 5 days in Chicago in October, and another 7 days in the beginning of November here in Rochester. As soon as my brother and Jack left Rochester, Joel and I looked at each other and we immediately knew that we were ready. A few weeks later, I found myself in Wegmans shopping for a pregnancy test. I knew that I was pregnant (so much for it taking up to a year to happen per my doctor’s comment… HA!). Apparently all the planets aligned and it was the right time. I was ready in every possible way.

My nephew Jack... now does it make sense? I mean... just look at him. :)

My pregnancy has not been too bad so far. I did not experience any morning sickness, which I feel very lucky about. One thing that I have had is food aversions, which has been making my culinary experience a bit challenging.

I am unable to eat any meat, since it smells and tastes horribly. I realized this as I was feeding my kitty his chicken in gravy dinner. His food smelled appalling. Then that same evening, I cooked some chicken. Just disgusting! I am pretty bummed by this since I can no longer eat Bánh Mì sandwiches.

Another thing that I cannot eat is green peppers. Joel and I met for lunch at Chipotle one day and I ordered my usual: two tacos with brown rice, sautéed green peppers and onions, corn salsa, guacamole, and lettuce. I took one bite of my taco and my entire lunch was ruined. I have not had peppers since.

The same happened with nuts (walnuts, cashews, pecans, and almonds). Just no good! Luckily pistachios and pumpkin seeds still tasted ok, since the Matchstick Pasta recipe is on my dinner list pretty frequently and my favorite cereal contains pumpkin seeds. I tasted an almond two weeks ago and it actually tasted good, so I have been snacking on a few lately.

Cooking onions and garlic is also appalling, which is not good since most dishes require these two cooking staples.

The last thing that really bummed me was the aversion to chocolate. Just sad!! I really hope that this changes soon, because I really miss chocolate.

Aside from all these aversions, food still does taste good. Especially Bosc pears, clementines, avocados, blueberries, Pirates Booty Veggie snacks, fish, and salad just to name a few things. So my culinary experience is not completely in ruins.

My belly at 14 weeks.

The last thing that I would like to mention is my growing belly. I frequently find myself rubbing it and talking to the baby. Don’t get me wrong… I have my moments. Sometimes when I look in the mirror it looks like I’ve just eaten 10,000 donuts. But then I remember that it is not true and I feel better. Also, the fact that I have a baby growing in my belly is just mind-blowing! I still cannot believe it. I have experienced a few strange but also amazing things during the past 14 weeks. For example, I knew right away that I was pregnant. I cannot explain the feeling that I had… I just knew. Also, slouching is not too comfortable since I can feel this thing pushing up towards my ribs. I have been told that it will get even worse once the baby gets bigger. Same goes with leaning forward. My bathroom mirror is fairly far from the sink so I have to lean forward to look into it. Whenever I do that, I can feel this ball like thing falling forward towards the front of my belly. So strange! And when I try sucking my stomach in, nothing happens. HA!

My favorite moments so far have been the ultrasounds. I love seeing the baby. The fun part is that the baby was constantly moving during every ultrasound. It is getting ready to pedal, run, and dance. :)

My sweet pea. :)

I look forward to the future experiences that this new adventure will bring. I am sure that there will be many.

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