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The time has come… Julia is old enough to eat solid foods! It is amazing to me that she is at this stage already. It has come so fast. I was prepared… my friend Marc gave us the Baby Gourmet (Les Petits Plats Français) cookbook and as a birthday present, Joel’s mom gave me the 201 Organic Baby Purées cookbook. Both books are great! Both contain lots of recipes for first as well as upcoming feeding stages. The 201 Organic Baby Purées book even contains a menu to use as ideas for what you can feed your baby. I was excited to start cooking for her.

DSC01922 (1280x960)

Julia’s first solid food… rice cereal.

As a first feeding, we gave her rice cereal. I was amazed! She knew exactly what do to with the spoon… she opened her mouth wide and took the spoon just like an adult. Crazy! She was very enthusiastic about it and she loved the cereal more and more everyday.

DSC01935 (1280x960)

Oatmeal cereal approved but not as enthusiastic as the rice cereal.

Then last weekend, we started feeding her oatmeal cereal. She was not sure how she felt about it at first. She was not as enthusiastic as she was when we fed her the rice cereal. After a few days though, she has grown to love it.

Since we were done with the cereal options, I decided to move on to vegetables. So last weekend I prepared her newest dish… sweet potatoes! I was so excited to feed it to her.

DSC01949 (1280x960)

Puréeing the sweet potatoes.

Uh… what is that orange stuff?

Julia, on the other hand, was not as excited as I was. Her reaction was priceless!

DSC01963 (1280x960)

Bah! I don’t know about this orange stuff!

The funniest part about it was that she was willing to eat it and was excited, but at the same time she was not sure how she felt about it.

I survived sweet potatoes! :)

We fed her the sweet potatoes for a few days and she liked them more and more everyday. Next up are avocados and carrots. (!!) I look forward to her reactions to the tastes and textures as we cycle through the many varieties of vegetables and fruits.

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